Product and technology

Crystilex™ is an evolutionary product designed to exploit a large market opportunity. Crystilex™ is a foldable lens that is implanted through a small incision. Its method of attachment in the eye requires no destruction or change of ocular tissue. The product is designed to be safe and easier to implant than existing products, without requiring the acquisition of new skill sets for the eye surgeon or new capital equipment. The product can be easily removed if needed in the future with the patient returned to their pre-implant condition with minimal eye trauma.

Crystilex™ is designed to deliver superior vision correction compared to eyeglasses, contact lenses, or LASIK surgery and is a permanent solution.

  • Addresses critical clinical criteria by making the implantation procedure easy for physicians
  • Simple single-handed procedure with easy positioning & sizing empowering all cataract surgeons with the ability to implant the Crystilex™
  • Crystilex™ can be explanted with minimal ocular trauma & no ocular tissue removal
  • Addresses all vision correction errors: Myopia (near-sighted), Hyperopia (far-sighted), Astigmatism (Toric) & Presbyopia (age related)
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Superior Vision Correction

Corrects moderate to high myopia (>3 diopters) with added feature of addressing presbyopia where LASIK has limits & clinical issues.

Simple Implantation Techniques

Crystilex is designed to solve the clinical deficiencies of the previous and current generation of refractive products.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – Crystilex™ is covered by the following US and International patents US 6,827,738, US 7,008,449, US 8,486,140, US 8,551,164, and US 10,695,166. Additional Patent Applications are pending.